Five Common Symptoms of a Clogged Filter

Many drivers will face transmission issues, and sometimes they ignore the warning signs until it’s too late, resulting in transmission damage and expensive transmission repair. One common symptom of transmission problems is a clogged transmission. Our ASE-certified team at Schnauble Automotive in Westminster, Maryland, provides high-quality transmission repair and maintenance for our customers whenever they face transmission problems. Look out for these five common symptoms of a clogged filter.

  1. Hard shifting
  2. If your vehicle has difficulty shifting, it’s because your transmission’s internal components don't have the proper amount of lubrication to function properly. This may also cause your gears to grind or slip between gears.

  3. Unusual noises
  4. Does your car make strange sounds like rattling, clunking, or grinding? Your transmission is most likely the culprit and it’s a result of either internal transmission damage or a clogged filter.

  5. Weird odor
  6. If you smell a burnt odor, your vehicle’s transmission may have a clogged filter, and the transmission fluid is burnt. The smell may be coming from your transmission components grinding together. Your transmission’s components most likely need lubrication and fresh transmission fluid.

  7. Transmission fluid leak
  8. A clogged transmission filter prevents the transmission fluid from flowing properly. Some internal components, such as gaskets, seals, or bearings, are vulnerable to premature wear and tear. If you notice a little oil leak, it’s best to immediately take it to a local auto repair shop that offers transmission repair services.

  9. Dirty transmission fluid
  10. Do you know how to check your own transmission fluid? Learning how to look for the fluid level is helpful because you can see the quality of the fluid and infer if the transmission fluid is dirty due to a clogged filter. Dirty, milky, burnt, or dark transmission fluid is a symptom of a bad transmission filter. Go to a mechanic and get transmission repair to avoid further internal damage.

Schedule transmission repair at Schnauble Automotive

While transmission repair can help avoid a clogged filter, as well as other issues, general wear and tear takes a toll on your vehicle over time. Bring your vehicle to Schnauble Automotive in Westminster, Maryland. Our expert technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostics and tools to fix manual and automatic transmission systems. Schedule an appointment by calling (443) 429-1814 for a transmission repair plan, or any other auto repair services.

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