Need Your Oil Changed?

Oil Change in Westminster, MD

Clean Oil Keeps Your Engine Running At Its Best

Scheduled oil changes are something that every car needs on a regular basis. Your vehicle owner’s manual will provide you with a suggested maintenance schedule, but if you drive long distances, in heavy Baltimore traffic, more than a few miles each day in severe weather, or if you drive full-time—we can create a custom maintenance schedule. This custom schedule is designed as a proactive approach to the major repairs regular oil changes and scheduled automotive services are designed to help you avoid. Walk-ins are always welcome for your Westminster, MD oil change.

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Are You Due for an Oil Change?

Even if your dipstick shows that you have plenty of oil left, and even if you have oil on hand to top-off your car with—you still need to come in for your scheduled oil changes. What you can’t see with a quick dipstick check, is the amount of dirt and debris that have entered your oil through your engine as you drive. This dirt and debris causes friction and turns your oil into a thick sludge. Without clean oil, this friction can damage your engine and reduce your fuel efficiency. Dirty oil also releases more toxic emissions into the Westminster, MD air. While you are in for your oil change, we will also do a quick check of your engine, fluids, air filter, tires, and lights. Sit back and relax in our bright and open, child-friendly lobby while you wait. We have free hot coffee and Wi-Fi.

Serving You Since 1991

Schnauble Automotive is proud to be a local staple. We have built our reputation on being a family-friendly auto shop, who delivers quality auto repairs. We are the go-to garage for busy working moms, and anyone who is in need of a trustworthy auto shop. From oil changes to everything in between—we have you covered!

What Other Quality Auto Services Can We Provide?

Stop in anytime your check-engine or service light comes on, or anytime your car doesn’t sound, feel, smell, or drive quite right. We will perform a visual inspection and electronic diagnostics to identify what needs to be addressed, then provide you with an honest quote and quality repair. We aim to be your one-stop auto service provider. Walk-in or schedule your appointment for:

  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
  • Steering & Suspension Repairs
  • Electronic Diagnostics
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Transmission Repairs
  • Exhaust Repairs & Replacement
  • Tire Rotation, Balancing, & Repairs
  • New Tires Sales
  • Brakes
  • And More!

If your car will be in the shop all day, we have a free shuttle, and after-hours drop-off and pick-up. And if cash is tight, you can apply for our car repair financing. If you qualify you will have 6 to 12 months to pay off your repair.